Mac Envy

04 April 2007

My feelings towards operating systems go in swings and roundabouts, and are currently drifting in the direction of Mac envy, and it looks like my new job will land a MacBookPro on my … err … lap.

So, since I've been out of the Mac world for a couple of years and I know that I have some readers (appearing on a Planet or two helps with that) I'm going to ask a question: What can I do to make my Mac experience better?

Contact me at the usual addresses. I'd like to hear about configuration tricks, software, other people's Top 10 lists, etc. I also would like to know if you think something I mention here is a mistake, and why.

If you watch my bookmarks then you'll have spotted a couple of things show up there of late. Quicksilver I remember from last time I used a Mac (but tell me about great plugins) and iStumbler looks like a handy WiFi connection tool. More items will probably show up as people email me (if people email me and I don't end up feeling like I'm shouting into a void).

And a bit of searching turns up OpenOffice with more Mac.