Not joining the HTML Working Group

11 April 2007

Recently, the W3C set up a new HTML working group which is more open then the previous one, and has a somewhat different focus (being to take HTML forward rather than replace it with XHTML 2).

I haven't joined.

This isn't due to some objection to the process, but has more to do with a combination of my available free time at the moment and the reason it is so short. In just over two weeks time I shall be starting a new job, and my new employer is a W3C member organisation.

My initial reading of the documentation suggests that this precludes me from joining the working group as an invited expert. It is theoretically possible that I'll be able to join as a representative of my employer, but that poses problems of its own.

  • The position I'll have to take on any given issue will be one that represents their interests rather then my own personal views. I don't expect these to deviate, but it is possible.
  • Each member organisation gets a limited number of seats, and I don't want to waste one if I end up not participating much.

I'm looking at options including feeding my views in through whoever at my new company does represent them, and the possibility of joining as an Invited Expert even though my day job is for a member organisation.

In the meantime, you might see my thoughts on some things being discussed crop up here rather than on the mailing list (which is publicly readable on the web).

Update: It turns out that I was misinformed. I just received an email from Karl Dubost explaining that there is no limit of two representatives per member organisation for the HTML working group. I'm assuming this is an exception to the normal rules.

I'll probably try to organise joining the working group shortly after I start at the new job. 12 working days to go (and counting).