Consumer appliances and custom browsers

18 March 2010

I’m having the joy of writing webpages targeted at consumer appliances. Unfortunately, the vendors of many of these devices have not seen the light and thus failed to grab one of the open source browser engines on the market or go to Opera. Either they are rolling their own, or buying browsers which have never seen a desktop computer.

Thanks to a bug in the rendering engine of one major vendor with a name that starts with S, I have to have odd spaces when I make text bold.

foo <strong>bar </strong> baz

However, this causes a bug in the browser used by a different vendor (also with a name starting with S) so I’ve ended up with:

[% MACRO sfix BLOCK; IF product.browser.someVendor; %] [% END; END; %]


foo <strong>bar[% sfix %]</strong> baz

Isn’t that just lovely?

Oh, if only I could just target Webkit and Presto!