Accidental redesign

04 April 2013

I’ve been writing a new CMS for ages (it’s been a low priority rite-of-passage project). It is getting to the point where I am almost ready to start using it.

I know! I think. In advance of moving to it, I’ll update the data in my old CMS and hit build.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I’d started redesigning the site a while ago. I’d also been getting experimental with colour schemes and fonts. (For “experimental” you can read “crazy”).

Worse, my backup includes the change in design.

Even worse, the old system predates my use of version control (I love version control … now).

So the net result is that my site is going to look hideous for a little while. This is motivation to get the CMS finished off at least!

The homepage isn’t going to look hideous, it is just going to look dated and ugly. This is because it is generated from a different set of templates, on a different machine.

Overly complicated and twiddly? I knew there was a reason I was writing a new CMS!