I do not want to be part of your ecosystem either

26 February 2014

Today I've rubbed up against the annoying side of proprietary unreasonableness. Amazon Instant Video.

For reasons best know to themselves, the geniuses at Amazon have decided to put up the cost of Prime membership by 60%. As well as getting next day delivery on thousands of items, I can now also watch Amazon Instant Video - previously known as LoveFilm.

Yes, this, absolutely.

I'm in more-or-less the same boat. My Panasonic is a Blu-Ray player rather than a TV and I hadn't got to the point of discovering that I needed to pay for XBox Gold again (I let it lapse a year or so ago) to get the streaming video app.

So, I'm getting Amazon Video bundled with Amazon Prime and I have no good way to watch it on my decent screen / sound system.

If the new features were going to be bundled into the existing package, then that would be fine, but the renewal cost is awful. I won't be renewing when my current prime subscription is finished (I have a calendar entry set to remind me to cancel it before auto-renew kicks in).